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software testing tutorial

Testing Once a program is created, the testing program began. The testing process focuses on the internal logic of the software, ensuring that all the statements has been tested, and the external functional, which is directing the testing to find errors - errors and ensure that the inputs are restricted to provide actual results in accordance with the results needed.
software testing tutorialSoftware Maintenance will be amended once delivered to the customer (an exception might be software that is attached). Change will occur because of errors - errors are determined, because the software must be adapted to accommodate change - changes in the external environment (eg changes necessary as a result of peripheral device or a new operating system), or because the customer requires the development of functional or performance. Software maintenance to apply again every phase of the program before and do not create new ones.
The purpose of this test is to be expected with minimal effort and time to find a variety of potential errors and cacat.Harus based on the needs of the various stages of development, design and other documents or programs designed to test the internal structure, and uses these examples to run the program for kesalahan.Pengujian detect information system should include software testing, hardware testing and testing jaringan.pengujian Hardware, network testing based on specific performance indicators that will be, used here, more testing is software testing.

System testing to ensure quality and reliability of the key steps in the process of system development is a systematic analysis on the system design and implementation reviews akhir.Berdasarkan test concepts and objectives of information systems during the test should follow the basic principles. software testing tutorial
* As soon as possible and continue diuji.Pengujian not in application development is done after the original problem selesai.Karena complexity, the diversity of developmental stages as well as coordination between the participants and other factors, makes the hair at all stages of development may have kesalahan.Oleh Therefore, tests should be run through the various stages of development as soon as possible to correct errors, eliminate hidden dangers.
* Testing should be avoided by the native people who work or commitment of the group, on the one hand, developers are often reluctant to call their work recognized, and believe that their own software developed no error; the other hand, the developer of the error is on sayamenguji, easy for the program in accordance with their own ideas to develop the ideas of testing, has keterbatasan.Pengujian be done by specialized personnel to carry out, will be more objective and more effective
• Design test programs, not only to determine the input data, but also function in accordance with the system to determine which diharapkan.Hasil actual output compared with the expected results can be found in the test object is correct. software testing tutorial
• Design test cases, not only for designing effective input conditions and reasonable, but also includes an unreasonable failure of input.Test conditions, people often use in accordance with, the normal conditions are reasonable for testing, while ignoring the test under normal circumstances, no makes sense and unexpected, and this may be hidden.
• In the test program, not only do the testing procedures are performed, but also to test whether the procedures performed do not have to dilakukan.Efek side of the additional work will affect the efficiency of the procedure, sometimes pose potential hazards or errors.
* Conduct strictly in accordance with test plans, to avoid arbitrary test wenang.Rencana testing should include test content, scheduling, staffing, environmental testing, test tools and information tes.Ketat accordance with testing plan can; progress of certification, so that all parties can be coordinated.
* Keep the test plan, test cases, as part of software documentation, for the maintenance of comfort
* Test cases are carefully designed, can be re-testing or additional testing with Zi mudah.Ketika right before the test cases, or modify the base, and then test.
Testing is the process of developing an independent and very important stage in the testing process is basically parallel with the development process.

software testing tutorial

A standard testing process typically includes the following test basis.
(1) prepare a plan uji.Dalam test plan, we must fully consider the overall project development time and development to the child as well as several human factors and objective conditions, creating test plans layak.Utama browse the contents of test plan, scheduling the test environment, test and requirements needed to test the training arrangements.
(2) preparation of a framework based on ujian.Ini uji.Uji lines clearly define in detail the system in a test for a feature or features of each must complete a basic test items and test completion criteria.
(3) According to the outline of the design and testing to generate test kasus.Bila in the design of test cases, test cases can be presented in front of the utilization of engineering and design, resulting in the design and test documentation contents measured item, the input data, the testing process, the expected output and so on.
(4) to carry out ujian.Tahap implementation of this test is composed of a series of cycles uji.Dalam each test cycle, testers and developers will be based on pre-test preparation programs and prepare a good test, test software, or equipment to complete the test .
(5) make a report uji.Test completed, to form the appropriate test report, the main outlines of tests determined that the test conclusions defects and errors, also gave some suggestions, such as modification methods can be used, changes in workload diproyeksikandan modify officers responsible.
software testing tutorial

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